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The Synangogue, in Yiddish Shul, in Olaszliszka was originally built by the town’s first Jewish inhabitants in the 18th Century.

By the 1830’s Olaszliszka emerged as a focal point of Chassidic life in the area.  Hassidism thrived throughout Hungary under the influence of the revered Rav Tzvi Hersh of Liska (after the Yiddish term of Olaszliszka), the first Liska Rebbe, known as Ach Pri Tevuah a holy book he authored.

In about 1873, the Ach Pri Tevuah commenced and personally oversaw the construction of a new Shul on this same site.  But the final stages of construction were completed on after his passing in 1874.  The Shul was inaugurated in 1875 by his successor, the second Liska Rebbe, Rav Chaim, author of the Tal Chaim.  He was followed by the third Liska Rebbe, Rav Tzvi Hersh commonly referred as Sharei Hayosher after his holy book of Sharei Hayosher.

In this Shul, the Liska Rebbes displayed their vast Torah scholarship in their sermons, most notably during the traditional Shabbos Shuva and Shabbos Hagadol drashos. 

Sharei Hayosher led the Congregation until he was deported by the Nazis along with the rest of the Jewish population of the town on April 12, 1944.

This last remaining wall of the Shul in Olaszliszka was recently preserved and reinforced, complemented by the construction of a corresponding wall where the entrance to the shul once stood.  This delineates the exact area of the footprint of the original Shul.

In the post-Holocaust era, remnants of Jewish life returned to Olaszliska.  The shul was in ruins but it still remained in operation until the last remaining Jews left the town in the 1960’s.

A surviving son of the Sharei Hayosher, Rav Yoizef Friedlander, re-established the Liska Chassidic dynasty in Brooklyn, NY.  He became the fourth Liska Rebbe. 

Today, the Liska Chassidic dynasty lives on.  It is perpetuated by the current Rebbe, Rav Tzvi Hersh Friedlander, Shlita, in Brooklyn. 

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