Autograph Letter Signed written on letterhead in Hebrew to the Av Beth Din of Kehal Shomrei Hadas in Berlin

Discusses his commentary on Tehillim, later published as Sha’arei HaYashar.
The writer (“The Baal Sha’arei HaYusher”) was the son of R. Chaim Friedlander and grandson of R. Tzvi Hirsch Friedman, the first and second Lisker Rebbes respectively. He was appropriately called "Charif (sharp) Hershele" due to his outstanding mind. During the war he refused to abandon his followers, subsequently, he and most of his family perished.

הגה״ק רבי צבי הירש פריצדלאנדצר זצ״ל בצל שצרי הישר
1874 - 1944
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